Team Members

team member
Andrew Overton
Managing Director

As a former franchisee, franchisor and franchise consultant Andrew passes on his vast knowledge to the team with reference to the franchise industry. Having being responsible for both the initial growth of this sector for our business Andrew continues to oversees the development of products and services we offer the franchise industry.

team member
Jon Newsum-Smith
Project Manager

Having worked closely with the franchise industry since 2000 Jon is in a perfect position to offer advice and support to new and prospective clients. As the chief public facing member of the team Jon helps improve Overview’s offerings but more importantly communicates with clients and the franchise industry as a whole to increase awareness of the importance of a clear franchise mapping / location policy and benefit of embracing new technology and up to date data.

team member
Daniel Wray
Chief Developer

Dan is responsible for the development of the web solution we host at Within Dan’s remit he is also responsible into the viability of website change requests from clients. These are logged and evaluated by Dan and the team and if seen as of benefit to the systems continual growth then they are developed and implemented to the site.

team member
Jack Wright

Jack deals with the day to day tasks and requests from our franchisor clients. Whether this be the creation of the individual digital maps for franchisees, UK map wall maps of complete territory divisions or providing marketing data Jack assists the team by delivering a first class product on time, every time.