Are we able to swap solutions if we go down the one route and our requirements change?

Absolutely. We understand the need to be flexible what with the changing nature of franchise networks. Many of our customers in the last few years have opted to go down the Ad Hoc territory solution initially to almost prove their concept and then migrated to the Turn Key or Web Solution once they are happy that their territory sizing is correct and the parameters and criteria are accurate.

Do you offer solutions and products to cover areas outside the UK?

Whilst the vast majority of the work we have done is based on franchise territory divisions within the UK, we have done work for further afield. This includes the mapping of numerous franchise territory networks across Western and Central Europe and most commonly Southern Ireland. More recently we have developed a two tier franchise territory model covering both Australia and New Zealand.

What makes you different from your competitors?

Having developed over 250 franchise territory / store location models we have gained an unrivalled level of experience and ultimately expertise. When we engage with clients we use this experience to offer advice and consult with the client to ascertain the best possible solution. Each and every franchise territory model we create is tailored specifically for the client, so even companies in the same sector could have different sized areas utilising different data variables.

What is the typical cost of a territory mapping project, and are there discounts available?

Whilst costs depend on the eventual solution that clients eventually opt for, it is more than feasible that the investment made could be less than the base cost of an on off the shelf product, where the territory division isn’t even completed. The web solution we offer has 5 levels of package but even the lowest level gives the functionality to create an unlimited number of sub accounts at no additional cost. This could prove to be a very cost effective solution especially if you want to give each franchisee their own login to just view their own area and associated data. With reference to discounts we endeavour to offer the best possible price to all our customers but can offer a 10% discount to all BFA members on any system setup costs.

Can you offer services to my existing franchisee network?

Historically we have either dealt with franchisees direct or established a product portfolio for the franchisor to offer to their franchisee network. Typically this includes the production of laminated wall maps of territories which usually include the postal or appropriate breakdown, marketing databases by territory or even detailed hot spot (thematic) maps to show pockets of potential customers. We produce everything in house to ensure that we a generating cost effective solutions. Through the web solution is it feasible for either the franchisor, or the franchisees (subject to the franchisees being given access to the site and functionality by the franchisor, to produce their own base maps, analysis and databases.

Do you sell business or demographic data?

We can an established relationship with a number of suppliers allowing us sell marketing data. This can be both B2B and B2C customers and we are to use various filters to ensure that a specific set of criteria can be matched if required. Financially you would also benefit from the fact that we purchase large numbers of records, in the case of the business data at a discounted cost making it potentially cheaper to buy from us rather than going direct to a database provider.

Can you accommodate tight deadlines and what are your typical timescales for franchise mapping projects?

Whilst we would never rush a project thanks to the fact there are a number of people of in the business we are able to shift resource around and in some cases get work completed to tight deadlines. Timescales in terms of producing individual maps is typically 2 to 3 days. With reference to a full Turn Key Solution whilst it will depend on the total number of territories being created and the time taken to agree on the eventual territory size, a typical project takes 2 to 3 weeks.

As an established franchisor we are interested in how well our territories are being utilised, can you help?

Being an innovative company we are always looking at potential solutions to ensure our franchisor clients can visualise performance. We have noted from talking to our clients that this can be of benefit to them to make decisions over whether territories should be re-evaluated, understand if people are operating outside of their area, identify areas not being utilised and ultimately maximising their opportunity. The analysis work we have done so far for customers has helped shaped their future development and reaffirm they are using the correct information to justify their territory division.