Additional Services

Bespoke Map Creation

We can print or produce maps up to A0 in size of individual territories or complete territory divisions. Maps are scaled according to their coverage and the reproduction size. We can also laminate these if required.

Business Data Records (B2B franchisors)

If your territories are underpinned by business counts we can provide an extremely competitive set of records that can filtered by a number of parameters in order that a focussed marketing list can be obtained. These lists can be produced on a territory by territory basis or even by postal boundaries within a territory. Some of our historical clients have benefited from producing primary lists based on a set of parameters such as industry type, turnover, employees at site and providing these to the franchisees on day one and then producing a secondary list at a later stage of their development using a different set of material. If you are interested in finding out about what data we may be able to provide for you give us a call.

Address Lists (B2C franchisors)

As a licenced partner of Ordnance Survey we have access to various products that provide address information. If required we can as part of either offline analysis or via our web solution help you identify areas that may benefit from marketing to. Data can then be purchased for use to market to in a much more focussed manner than purely obtaining thousands of postal addresses for an entire territory.

Territory Health Checks

As part of our on-going development of franchise mapping products and services we offer a FREE Territory Health check where we sit down and discuss your current territory or location model. It may be that we will advise on datasets that you could benefit from using or suggesting doing a project with us to help overcome an issue or spatially answer questions you may need to get to bottom of. Whatever the outcome of this meeting why not utilise our vast experience of this industry and all the work we have done to see if we can help develop your network further.