Starter Plus

All of the benefits of the Starter package but with the addition of:

Points Tab

This allows the user the ability to view point locations. This can take the form of customer locations, franchisee premises, prospective clients or competitor sites for example. A tier structure as used in the Territory tab is utilised for the Point tab, making it possible to display different information within the site. Depending on what point information is uploaded this functionality could help:

  • Improve the franchisors understanding of how well a territory is being utilised
  • Understand the opportunities that exist in a vacant or sold territory
  • Analyse the importance of the franchisees location in relation to their customer base
  • Assist the franchisees with their marketing plan
Points (Selection & Search)

With the addition of the Points Tab to the site a tool to search and select the uploaded locations is made available. This function allows franchisors to:

  • Look for specific locations and understand which territories these falls within
  • Toggle locations on and off to create a bespoke location list for the benefit of creating individual views and generating specific maps
Points (Export List)

With the addition of the Points tab you will now have the ability to select a territory and export the points that fall within its boundary. If multiple tiers exist within the point tab the export will demonstrate which tier each of the points sits within. This could prove useful to:

  • Provide franchisees with business records for their marketing
  • Understand the level of customer activity within a territory
  • Provide a list of interested prospective franchisees within an existing territory once an area becomes available
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