Premier Sport

Company Information:

Premier Sport is the leading children’s coaching company in the UK, successfully delivering coaching to more than 150,000 children every week. Premier Sport is dedicated to developing innovative sports coaching which will help children live a healthy, fun and fit life.

Premier Sport is a full member of the BFA and currently has over 90 franchisees covering various areas of the country.


Premier Sport’s initial franchisee’s areas had tended to be delineated following roads, rivers or other local boundaries. Premier Sport then realised the benefit of using postal boundaries and swapped to using this from then on wherever possible. Premier Sport approached Overview looking for a system that could deal with their existing franchise territory network and needed for these all to be mapped into a single system. The end goal would be to have a solution to help the development of their network moving forwards.


Overview worked closely with Premier Sport by replicating the existing postal territory network for them and hosting this via their web solution. Premier Sport then transferred the remainder of the non-postal territories on to the system to get the network up to date via a very simple interface. Having been exposed to the benefits of the Web Solution Premier Sport then asked Overview to create the remainder of the UK network, using an agreed set of parameters, and host this on their account via the web solution. Premier Sport now utilise this created network around their existing areas as a base for developing new areas, but retain the ability to make adjustments if needed.


Jon and his team have been a pleasure to deal with throughout our relationship. They understand the needs of the customer and provide continued feedback along the journey of building territories specific to your brand. My only regret is not getting them on board at an earlier stage!

Jonathan Mills, Business Development Director
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