Pyjama Drama

Company Information:

Pyjama Drama was created in 2005 by Sarah Owen, an experienced drama teacher who saw, time and time again, the immense benefits that children derive from drama, movement, music and play. It was an immediate success and now Pyjama Drama is expanding rapidly and being delivered in towns across the UK.

Pyjama Drama are passionate about providing young children with drama classes that are not only fun and exciting, but which also develop key social skills such as confidence, concentration, co-operation and creative problem solving.

Whilst relatively new to the franchise market they have an ever expanding network with franchisees coming from a variety of backgrounds.

Pyjama Drama is an associated member of the British Franchise Association.


In 2010 thanks to a growing number of franchisee enquiries Pyjama Drama sought advice from Overview into establishing a cost effective solution to create territories. Like many franchisors when Pyjama Drama started actively franchising they managed to get by with data freely available or cobbled together systems. What they were looking for was something that would give them the confidence to know that an area would be viable but at the same time that they were not giving away too much area. Ultimately Pyjama Drama wanted to instil confidence in the prospective franchisees that they had gone about this in a professional manner to validate their credibility.


Whilst Pyjama Drama saw the benefit of undertaking the Turn Key Solution by having the entire UK divided up all in one go they wanted to prove the model further and initially have a more flexible approach to start with. The added benefit of this was to minimise initial costs, something that all new franchisors have to consider, what with the other important but unfortunately costly elements when setting up a franchise. After a series of ad-hoc areas were generated, and then ultimately operated successfully, the franchise model was proven. At this point Pyjama Drama migrated to the Turn Key Solution to ensure maximised UK coverage and to deal instantly with any franchisee enquiry.


We have been working with Overview mapping for a number of years and have never looked back. The team’s expertise and on-going support has enabled us to take our business forward in leaps and bounds and we would thoroughly recommend them for their professionalism, attention to detail and friendly approach