Water Babies

Company Information:

Water Babies is the UK’s leading baby swim school, teaching a core skill to thousands of babies & children every week which can potentially save their life.

Water Babies began back in 2002, thanks to Paul and Jess Thompson who were inspired by how much they loved taking their own daughter, Imani, to lessons. Since then it’s grown to become the world’s largest baby swimming company, teaching more than 32,000 children each week across the UK, Ireland and Sydney, Australia through a network of 51 franchisees.


Once Water Babies decided they wanted to use franchising as a means to grow their business, Overview were tasked with helping them to develop a network of franchise territories. The initial requirement was for 2 individual areas to be created in order to satisfy the keen initial recruits. Following on from this Water Babies realised that they would likely require the entire UK to be mapped out so that potential future enquiries could easily be dealt with.


Overview utilised specific demographic data based on what provided a demand base for the business to succeed, along with potential site locations for classes, to develop a UK wide model. This framework would provide the basis for all future territory allocations. Overview then provided the postal breakdown with associated demographics for each territory along with a series of maps to depict the division. Overview continue to work closely with Water Babies by dealing with ad hoc requests and have also helped with the mapping of territories in locations outside of the UK including Madrid in Spain and areas of Australia.


We have an excellent working relationship with Overview, and have done since we started franchising almost 10 years ago. Overview’s expertise and reputation are the key reasons why we initially decided to work with them in order to help create our network. We continue to seek advice, as well as obtain maps and map related outputs from Overview and look forward to developing our relationship as we continue to grow.

Paul Thompson, Co-founder and Executive Chairman