Wiltshire Farm Foods

Company Information:

Wiltshire Farm Foods are the UK’s leading frozen meals delivery company that specialises in delivering frozen ready meals to customers’ homes throughout the United Kingdom. The majority of the business is operated on a local or regional basis by approximately 70 franchisees. Uniformed drivers in liveried refrigerated vehicles deliver pre-ordered meals to private clients, who typically are aged over 70. Established in 1992 the company is owned by Apetito and currently supplies services to over 200,000 customers.


Overview started working with Wiltshire Farm Foods over 10 years ago. The initial remit was based on a Turn Key Solution with the territories created to be heavily weighted depending on their core market (people aged over 70). Wiltshire Farm Foods were also keen to use Overview’s skills and services to produce maps and data to assist franchisees with understanding the exact content of their territories and help focus their marketing.


Overview developed a franchise territory network for Wiltshire Farm Foods that in the main is still being used today. Outputs were produced when the initial division was completed and Overview continues to maintain the network’s territories and provide maps and data for the client in various forms. In recent years Overview has helped to create a series of analysis maps to show each franchise areas best and worst performing sections. Wiltshire Farm Foods occasionally request bespoke pieces of analysis to be done to assist with strategic planning, using data that they have collated and Overview help them visualise this.


Wiltshire Farm Foods continue to enjoy great value from the work undertaken on our behalf by Overview Mapping. We receive excellent visual reporting which really helps us and franchisees when developing an individual business plan. We also appreciate the fact that any request made is acted upon promptly and accurately.

Steve Ennis, Head of Business Development