Your Move

Company Information:

Your Move is the largest single estate agency in the UK. With a national network of nearly 300 branches, a number of which are franchised owned, they have excellent market coverage.

Your Move was recently awarded Franchise of the Year in the Negotiator Awards.


Overview first started working with Your Move back in 2003. At the time Your Move wanted to explore the possibility of dividing the UK into as many viable areas as possible. Utilising the existing store information would prove paramount in dictating the required contents and characteristics of a territory. Despite a criteria being defined, after detailed discussions it was decided that working on a case by case basis would prove to be the better option for the development of the franchise network. This would allow for territories to be created that would cover natural neighbourhoods and ultimately be better franchise propositions.


As a result of the eventual chosen route for territory creation Overview became the supplier of a number of map solutions for Your Move. Initially this manifested itself as a hard and soft copy map for use within the franchise agreement. Alongside this a bespoke poster sized wall map was created for each franchisee for display in their office or assist with planning/marketing. Your Move later decided to add on the web solution that Overview offers to provide a central location to view all of their territories in one system, and possibly more fundamentally, aid the process of creating new areas around the existing network.


Your Move has used Overview Mapping to provide bespoke franchise territory maps since we began franchising in 2003 and have been delighted with the service and quick turnaround. We enjoy a security protected site to browse or amend our maps which are securely kept. Overview Mapping’s support and advice with mapping has been invaluable and whilst I would not want to make it a habit, I recall asking Overview if they could provide a territory map change on a Saturday evening in order to satisfy a huge contract and was delighted to get an email around midnight on a Saturday with the amended map. That’s what I call pulling out the stops when needed.

David Littlewood, Franchise Account Manager